Experience Peace and Light in Any Environment

If you only had the journey and no guaranteed outcomes, would you slow down and enjoy the process a bit more? Would you have more fun or be kinder to yourself?

When you explore this possibility and start to enjoy the journey, one of two things will happen. Either your desired outcome will manifest, or it won’t. If it doesn’t, the “lack” of outcome won’t matter because you will have slowed down and enjoyed the process.

You will always experience either the outcome you hope for, or something better. So, if your desired outcome doesn’t manifest there is something better in store for you. . . something that you can’t even dream of. Something so amazing that you can’t begin to conceptualize or desire it. 

What if this were true? How would you act differently? How would you show up? Would you bring more of yourself to each moment? 

With no outcome to bank on, the only guaranteed reward is moving through the journey with more integrity, courage, conviction and fun than ever before. Enjoy the journey and leave some space in your imagination for the rest.

Throughout the day, your body’s priority is to survive and keep you safe. This survival mechanism can overload your system with stress and overwhelm. In every situation, your body acts as a receptor or antenna that picks up on the environment around you.

Your physical body, along with the energy field surrounding it, senses everything from incongruencies in your external environment, to other peoples’ emotions, to potential threats. 

Despite these demands and accumulating stresses, there is an easy way to reset your mind and body. At the same moment you experiencing overwhelm in your external environment, there is simultaneously a lightness and peace that you can tap into. 

Lightness is the opposite of heaviness and it’s the natural state that your higher self always resides in. The key is bringing this light and peaceful frequency from your higher self into your physical body and external reality. Even when you are in a situation that doesn’t feel peaceful, there is always a light and peace residing under the chaos that your highest wisdom is attuned to. 

The first step to accessing this peace is to be aware that light and peace can simultaneously reside in the same environment as stress. Then, it’s time to directly access this peace 

The key to accessing peace in any situation is relaxation. Therefore,  light and peace can enter your body when you are relaxed. Here’s how:

  1. Take a breath. As you exhale, let your body soften. Breathe again, soften more. With each breath, allow your body to become heavier and heavier. You can imagine your skin and muscles melting off of your bones. 
  2. Allow the lightness around you to become the the lightness within you. This part of the practice needs to be felt more than thought about. With each inhale, feel a relaxed energy and lightness move deep into your being. You can also visualize a golden, white light seeping into your skin and immersing your body in light. In this way, the lightness around you merges with the lightness within you. 

If your mind gets bored? Don’t worry, that’s normal! It’s  just the stillness unraveling the parts of you that crave constant stimulation.  There are parts of you that may not know how to be okay without distraction. Through stillness, you’re reprogramming the unconscious aspects that keep you feeling stressed and not relaxed. Lastly invite the mind to relax through a mantra.

  • Practice a mantra. To assist in this process, practice this mantra in your mind with each inhale and exhale.  “I inhale light. I exhale peace”. Mantra translates to mind vehicle. With each repetition, allow your mind to sink deeper into peace. 

Returning to your natural essence is this easy. Start by relaxing into the lightness around you. Let it merge with the lightness within you, they are the same. As your body begins to soften, you will be able to feel the peace around and within you.

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